NEU1515-2Y-F NEUMOTORS 1515/2Y/F Brushless Electric Motor

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NEU1515-2Y-F NEUMOTORS 1515/2Y/F Brushless Electric Motor



  • There are 4 mounting holes on a 0.875 inch diameter circle.
  • Use 3mm screws.
  • Caution: Do not allow the screws to penetrate the end ball more than 5mm.
  • For geared applications, the rear of the motor should be supported.
  • Use a collet type prop adapter for best prop retention. Setscrew types can slip at high power levels.
  • When pressing a gear onto the motor shaft, always support the rear end of the motor shaft.
  • Never press against the case alone.
  • Use a product such as Loctite 609 to secure the gear.
  • Always use a high quality speed controller appropriate to your application.
  • Use a brushless, sensorless speed control.
  • To reverse the direction of rotation, reverse any two motor wires.
  • Never plug the battery in backwards to the speed controller.
  • This is a 4-pole motor. Use mild advance settings.
  • The ESC must be supported to prevent vibration and motor wire breakage.
  • Do not cut motor wires.


Rotating parts such as propellers and helicopter blades can cause serious injury. Avoid contact.
Always check the temperature of the motor in any new application.
If it is running very hot, you may have too high a load or an incorrect setting in your ESC.
Discontinue usage until the problem is solved. Always provide adequate cooling.
Do not run without a load.


RPM/Volt (KV): 1100
Type of Wind: Wye
Number of Winds: 2
Voltage (V): 7-50
Max. Amps (A) 20 sec.: 55*
Max. Watts Cont.: 1200-1500
Max Watts (W) 20 sec.: 2700
Efficiency (%): 90+
Resistance (Ohms): 0.019
No Load Current (A): 1.1
Max. RPM: 60,000
Weight (oz)**: 12
Length (in): 2.7
Diameter (in)***: 1.56
Shaft Dia. (mm): 5
Shaft Length (in): 0.75

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