BTOA Adronics Bluetooth Open Altimeter

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BTOA Adronics Bluetooth Open Altimeter



  • The BTOA is a Bluetooth enabled logging altimeter based on the original Open Altimeter device. 
  • It logs altitude, battery voltage, acceleration, temperature and an optional extra value twice or more per second.
  • The BTOA looks for a DLG launch (sustained climb) and then records the launch altitude and max climb rate. 
  • The BTOA also records the maximum altitude, and g forces during the whole flight. 
  • On a launch detection, Bluetooth is turned off to save power and eliminate chances of interference. 
  • Near the ground, Blue Tooth is turned on and attempts to connect to F3K Master. 
  • Once the BTOA connects, F3K Master announces the last flight parameters, enabling fast access to critical flight data.

Technical Specifications:

G-sensor (+-24g 3-axis)
8M Memory
Built in USB
Second voltage monitor input
General purpose port (for GPS or anything else you like)
The latest pressure sensor (MS5611) which is more sensitive (10cm resolution) and less noisy allowing it to be used as a variometer
Download data and change settings over Bluetooth!
All functionality of the classic OA
Weighing in at 8g
A small physical size of 5/8" X 1 7/8".

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Data Recorders, Monitors, Alarms, etc.
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